Shades of daylight

Rain hits like a panic attack
Shades of daylight paint my path
She’s gone, they said, we lost her today
She remembered no one when they took her away

And when I wake from my sleep
It’s just a distant dream
When you went away from me
And if I should fall
And when I think I’ve lost it all
You take me away

Cold bites as summer retreats
The day ahead paints shades of defeat
She’s gone, she said, we lost her today
In the end her mind just drifted away

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wandering, laughing, boycotting evil, environmentalism, puns, vegetarianism, writing, annoying whoever will stick around long enough, writing music, singing, innuendo, busking, snowboarding and awkward leaning are all things I'm either enjoying or attempting with varying degrees of success.

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