I’m changing my mind with this changing weather
We look out to the hills
As if waiting forever
Where are we travelling
On this TV-soaked, no hope, smoke-filled slow train
I love our anchored silly ship
But let us move again.

I’ve walked here before, but it’s somehow different this time.

Let’s travel to every place she saw
And learn from her
And dance some more
Let’s try to effect change in the world
When we follow our hearts, one step isn’t so small
Let’s follow the wind and splash through the seas
Tumble through the forest
Build a house in the trees.

I’m changing myself, building piece by piece
Parts of me float away
But who is underneath?
There’s nothing to fear
On this TV-soaked, no hope, smoke-filled slow train
I don’t have to be scared
When it’s all in our heads

When these are just dreams, there is no defeat…

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