How much I have frittered away
Leaving loaded expectations hanging on lost tomorrows.
I’ll attend to my dreams later,
Like they were just dreams,
Floating in the distance
Like somehow they would just happen if I waited

…and waited

…and distracted myself

…and waited.

Time is not that thing you had last Tuesday when you were sat watching your moving picture box staring at images of other people’s dreams.

It’s not that coffee break you snuck in between those long rendezvous with your virtual community through your high definition window.

Time is that thing that passed you by while you were pondering that insurance quote for your cat, your communication device, your left shoe, your corrugated iron storage box containing all the things you thought you needed, all the things you were saving for another tomorrow, another “just in case”, another “maybe later”.

Why insure against damage when the your damaging the most precious thing, the only thing that is in your control?

Every second, every minute, every hour is yours to fill how you wish,
So gather up all your wasted moments,
Use them to propel you forward,
You are reborn in this instant,
Go forth and live.

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