Panic room

Another answer
uncovers another layer
another cheat, another chancer.
A new leaf
falls from the tree
then drifts away in the breeze.
Another answer
poses another question.

Has it been me all along?
Playing games, manipulating minds
then rehearsing new ways to leave them behind.

But the ones that got there first
stopped me in my tracks.
Took my game of control back.

And now I’m alone and wanting more
is this truly my mind or another game of control?
Why have I stayed when I was running before?

And I’m playing the victim, deep into my core
Tricked by my own tricks
Upping the game, but I’m the one keeping score
Thought I was paralysed, but I’m walking freely into another defined space
a panic room, a confined place.

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writer, musician, artist, joiner

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