Emerging from the canyon

No, I haven’t trekked 1000 miles across a desert.

I haven’t hauled a huge pack up a mountain on a soul searching pilgrimage. But I have crossed the Pyrenees, alone. I have learnt to rely on myself, and through it I have learnt that I am rather dependable actually, I am capable. I’m my own kind of brave.

Maybe this was my mountain and I have reached it’s summit, but I can see in the distance there are many more. And I will attack each of them knowing that I can because I finally believe in myself.

No, I haven’t walked 1000 miles across the desert. But I have been deep, deep underground, I have sunk so low I never thought I could dig myself out. But here I am emerging from the canyon. And that is enough, for now at least.

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wandering, laughing, boycotting evil, environmentalism, puns, vegetarianism, writing, annoying whoever will stick around long enough, writing music, singing, innuendo, busking, snowboarding and awkward leaning are all things I'm either enjoying or attempting with varying degrees of success.

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