Making home

I wonder if I will ever stop carefully arranging this disorder that surrounds me. building and changing and re-arranging every space outside of me to make space to make better every thought inside that is cloaked in distress. thinking it can change as if an excellent new hat or a tatty old dress. I wonder … Continue reading Making home


Sometimes it feels like this body hasn’t got my back My face painted with red, my skin starts to crack My soft shell is breaking screaming, aching This fragile case is angry with me It whispers sharply: Stop what you’re doing You’re doing it wrong You’re hurting me. It wants me to stop doing the … Continue reading Skin


It happens on days when I feel most empty When my fragile mind can’t settle it focuses on things I don’t want or need. It gives way to distraction, consumption, greed. It’s somehow easier to embed myself in consumerism. Surround myself with offers that seep surreptitiously into my psyche with adverts that appear to breathe … Continue reading Shopping


The kind of love where minds meet Giggling into the night tucked under our sheets Hiding from the others in makeshift dens Peeping and plotting through a make believe lens Make believe tea time in our make believe home I mimic “I’ll be mother” you roll your eyes and groan. Sitting proud at our tiny … Continue reading Kids