Riding on a glimmer of hope
He feels like home
But I’m lost in the cracks
Of that clarity of mind we lack

I wanted to build a life with him
But he took away my self belief and told me I was nothing
I wanted to build a life with him
But he stood me in front of my reflection and exposed everything I lacked.

Teetering on the edge of something
or nothing
Sparing a second for a second chance,
But it never comes, it’s just a figment,
a make-believe morsel of this revolving dance.

Building our future in my mind
It feels like mine
But they’re just pieces
Fragments he left behind

Reliving every moment
But a moment
can’t sustain a lifetime
It won’t bring
an imaginary lifeline
But that moment, oh
The times our minds met
Every time our bodies connect
It’s there,
so strong
It’s there,
and then just as quickly,
It’s gone, gone, gone.