Lost again
footsteps outside
but they won’t bring my strength
they just mark the end
And they won’t belong to him
because he is lost now too

And I can’t inspire love anymore
can’t feel his tainted heartbeat
like I could before

Tricked again
broken heart open
his poison seeps in
sethers links with my friends
And the shadows belong to him
but I must live there too

And I can’t inspire hate anymore
can’t feel his jealous seething,
like I could before

What is this love?
That leaves me
holds me, controls me
tricks me, deceives me
Weaves a web laced with bitter
then solitude,
and bleakness.

Trapped again
he seeks my weakness
to rebuild his strength
control holds the cure
And his delusions are my burden
for I am guilty and he is pure

And he can’t mark my fate anymore
can’t force my shame
like he could before