Ode to van

Oh little van, little sweat box, little tin can
containing all my most needed
most treasured
my most hated items.
Little van,
how I love and hate you in equal measure.
How I can’t bear the sight of you.
How I love looking at your wonky
higgledy-piggledy yet perfectly formed
not enough
yet everything I need features.
How each little accident
each curve
each awkwardly placed element
falls delicately into place like a jigsaw.

Oh little van, my outer shell
You protect me from all I have to hide from
show me all I have to see
You carry me when I am weary
you cradle me while I sleep.

You remind me of where I started
how far I have to go
You wait patiently as I falter
Watch me shatter
then push me further
Push me further, little van.
Carry me across the sea
Show me a world that waits for me.